Training equations

When I run off road I get all that zen, the stuff folks all talk about, until I get hungry. Sure if you hit a few false summits it can be in the trenches, muck and bullets stuff where you just have to dig in, but there is always a certain freedom to it.

On the roads I am much more calculated, sure I drift into day dreams about spending my future lotto millions and smooth away work/life irritations. For my sins however I do become somewhat of a human calculator, looking at my time and distance, projecting finishing times and lamenting days when I could run faster splits (marginally).

One equation I didn’t bank on this weekend was – baby not sleeping X  cranky wife = daddy day care. However the 16km worth of carbs I took in on Friday night would be put to good use. 

So in place of the early morning run, we watched Giggle & Hoot (Jimmy Giggle is far too positive a person to see first thing in the morning and has made my hate list), Dorothy the Dinosaur (who in fairness I have a bit of time for) plus those fun loving cats The Teletubbies. 
  We did get a chance to travel out for a bit reccy of Eungella, after a long winding road the Top Gear fellas would have loved, we were greated by an old friend – cool air. It wrapped itself around us and I fell instantly and completely in love with the place. Looking forward to this one!
By Sunday 5pm I was like a caged animal and was released upon that hot, flat track that is Mackay’s Bluewater Trail. It was pedestrian, but I got round.


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