Top Threes – Best Runs

Currently I write more than I run, strava knows my shame, so I decided to review my top three of all things running.

So to kick off – my top three favourite runs,  life to date:

Innnnnn One) Grane Reservoir trail to Helmshore (Musberry Fabrics)


Is this Rossendale’s best kept running secret? Maybe it found me on the best of days but I had an absolute blast. Gentle warm up as you jog up and round Ogden Reservoir anti-clockwise from the car park. Dropping down after the ruins, head immediately off road once you go through the gate. Hold a line left, take every opportunity to climb and after stomping through the heather, you quickly break the tree line. 

Now your on top! So enjoy the rough narrow trail that runs parallel to the hillside, the excellent view and the ruins of some long lost but well preserved village before falling down into Helmshore. 

Nice stand alone loop or could be combined with Tor, Peel Tower, Buckden Wood or a pint at The Robin Hood.

A Rossendalian’s Rossendale Favourite.

2) Kurrawa to Duranbah

This 50km beasty takes you from the GC to just inside the NSW boarder. They say it’s scenic and you do rarely lose sight of the beach/ocean but I like to see those things with my thongs on and a beer in my hand. Through the veils of sweat and fatigue, the three or feet in front of you is suburban concrete most of the way. What I did love however was:

  • Sahara and the team know how to run an event – aid stations, conveniences, stewards and ice baths!
  • It was cool and overcast
  • First 25km were tough as were the last five but I bossed the 25 – 45km and beat the speed walker who was threatening to show me up for the first half. I had hoped he was only doing 25km but he spun at the turn around looking fresh as a daisy so I dropped it into 2nd gear burnt off up the hill and said a silent but heartfelt prayer to the running Gods that I would never see him again. Breaking with convention they answered!

 3) Headtorch Run Down Whinberry Naze
You could pretty much pick any of the midweek winter fell runs with the Rossy Harriers. I particularly like the steep descents on this one, be brave, and what you lose in views by night you make up for in the experience. 

Looking forward to many more that may knock these off the podium.


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