Adventures past and present

Delighted to be a Ascendacy Apparel Affiliate, thanks to Laurie and the team for their  support. 

Made me think back to some of the bigger adventures of the past, so in no particular order:

Camino de Santiago

The picture, taken at 6am on some long since forgotten hillside in Northern Spain, pretty much sums up my attitude and approach; this was in those dark pre running days when adventure meant changing my choice of take-away. It’s fair to say my then fiancée, now wife,  was the driving force and I just held on for the ride. 30days, 1000kms – I actually remember thinking that I had run out of things to think about. I was a tit. Regular cups of tea, stunning towns and villages, pilgrims from all corners of the world and a free wine fountain are all things I look back upon fondly. 

Find the time, it’s exceptional and remember to be in the moment – I wasn’t but hope to do it again one day…and run it!

Mt Meru

My wife and I met, worked and fell in love in Tanzania. In Arusha most mornings we would have the sincere joy of looking up at Mt Meru, Mt Kilimanjaros little sister.

Early on in a poor but ultimately successful attempt at courtship I told her if she climbed it with me, I would propose at the top.

A couple of years down the track, two days of climbing and a very cranky fiancée with a bung knee we did just that. The summit ascent at night felt fine but descending in the light you really begin to question your sanity, especially when heights aren’t your speciality.

Highly recommended if you ever find yourself in East Africa with a long weekend spare. 

Adams’s Peak

Don’t fancy sharing this 5500 step,  7000+ footer with 20,000 pilgrims and tourists, then go in the off season! Sri Lanka perfectly prepares you for this epic pilgrimage; a belly full of fresh tea, mango lassi and spicy dahl and you are ready to take on the world. The fact this exceptional adventure is not more widely known about is a travesty but also adds to the allure. Sri Lanka makes for a phenomenal holiday too  

Honourable mentions must go to   Howgill Harrier’s 9 Standards Fell Race – what a start to 2016! And running at Mt Cook in New Zealand, surrounded by giants…

Back in the now, the big wet has cooled everything down so I splashed about for 14km. Mackay has already had more than the average March rainfall this year, so  pack a coat or an ark!  

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