Cape Crusader

When my family went South for a couple of weeks, I locked Cape Hillsborough in as a distraction from missing them. But only after a gentle 7km Friday and some obligatory single man behaviour, when life gives you lemons!

I didn’t rise early enough to see kangaroos on the beach but did time the tides well enough to skip across to Wedge Island. Some of the trail is hewn straight out of the bush and there is a well earned and scenic traverse when you break the tree line on the Andrews Point Trail.

Breakfasted like I had completed a marathon, then got to my inaugural run with the Mackay Road Runners – the 8km  Ocean International Canter. This run operates a handicap system, whereby your start is staggered based on previous results. Being a newby I got a standard +8mins, meaning I set off 8mins after the first runners. I was a little concerned when it was explained to me that this would mean I would have to run 5minute Ks, as I usually hover around 5:30. But this is the joy of club running, it pushes you past the comfortable trot of your solo runs and today it pushed me to 8kms in 38mins. Now I don’t think that time will get me to Rio but must be close to a PB.

Running out to the 4km everyone seemed human enough, some faster, some slower. Then I began to see apiritions, runners who floated over the ground – was I dehydrated? Was I losing it?! Oh no, that’s right the elites were coming…. Recognisable due to their steady even breathing and long elegant strides, all sinew and muscle there are no wobbling stomachs or love handles amongst this lot; I am envious and respecting of these guys and girls in equal measure. What I don’t like is being hunted by them, they are the Kalahari to my antelope – all weight around the middle and weighed down by drinking a weeks worth of water.

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