‘I can’t run…..’

I hate when people say this. Unless there is an absolutely undeniable medical or physical reason why you can’t run, then it’s simply not true.

We can all run, just ask Terry Fox – now there’s a bloke who could have argued the point and look what he did.

The bloke is an absolute bloody inspiration and when I read blogs from people just starting out on their running adventures I think they are pretty bloody inspiring too.

It would be easy to say no and stay on the sofa but we all start somewhere, so whatever your goal, just by having one you are winning. I have covered some good long distances now but I remember battling hard on numerous 5km loops before I finally felt I had it mastered. So to all you runners with the conviction to get out and start running, hang tough – it’s a beautiful thing.

For Easter I’ll return to Massie Bony Mountain Road, a road that has given me a hundred great views, made me question my will to keep running at least as many times, showed me running in 40c heat (because the schedule says so) is naive bordering stupid, seen me chased by dogs, scared by snakes, shocked by kangaroos and terrorised by Magpies! I can’t wait! This 10km out and back is the foundation training upon which all my running has been based and thankfully at its end there is always my mother-in-law’s well stocked fridge.

Find somewhere beautiful to run and run it often.

8 thoughts on “‘I can’t run…..’

  1. DoRunnersPooInTheWoods

    I still style with 5k routes even though I run much further now. It’s all to do with the mindset in the day. But like you I know people with pretty inspiring tales to tell and make me lace up my Daps, hit he road or trail and plod it out!

    If that pic is anything to go by it looks as if you have a beautiful terrain to run in


  2. It’s good country, not much true of road but makes me enjoy it when I get it.
    Find 5k really tough, probably because I feel like I have to work hard – whereas I can trot round something longer at a pedestrian pace and feel like I have achieved – only cheating myself!


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