We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Don’t stop running whatever you do!

Tired because your family are sick and not sleeping?

> go for a run

Not feeling motivated to run the same routes?

> go for a run

Finding it too hard to climb out of an impossibly comfy king size hotel bed?

> go for a run

Nine short days between runs, a mounting pile of excuses, one failed training plan and I am moving like the tin man. 

So lesson learnt and we go again.

T-R-A-I-L, T-R-A-I-L

If you aren’t already trying a little bit of trail, then you ought to be. True for most of us unfortunate souls, this involves a degree of travel to trail but I tell thee it’s marvellous. So to unashamedly bastardise Baz Luhrmann’s great work – if I could offer you only one tip for the future, trail running would be it!

The long-term benefits of trail running have not be have been proved by scientists and this is based entirely on my own meandering experience.

Stay with me on this: I claim to be non competitive, to focus on finishing events rather than specific times; however truth be known I want to do well, I want to win (a epidemic would need to befall all sub4:45km runners globally)(I’m working on it) and I don’t like being overtaken. This focus on outcomes does a disservice to running and distracts from just enjoying myself. The great thing about trails then is, unlike fells and roads, you can run Ks and Ks without seeing other runners – are you gaining on people? are people gaining on you?! Once the initial traffic dies down you don’t see people very often, so who gives a f*&k!

Twisting and turning through rainforest on the Eungella Trail Run is a thing of beauty, the legs certainly knew I had run 21.1k but having to stay switched on and being alone with nature made it feel like a fraction of the previous day’s road run over the same distance. I’m a running romantic and fall head over heels for near every run I participate in but today was an absolute beaut. At 8am we left this:

2:02:32 later, I returned to this spectacle:

So glad I (A) got of bed, (B) chose these Nike Kruger Zooms over my slicks – perfect for a soggy trail (C) heeded the advice of the Pinnacle Pie advocates, I may have placed 23rd but I breakfasted like a champ

Marathon’s worth of Ks in the legs this weekend and beginning to feel good about running the Great Whitsunday Trail. In others news I agreed a 100k run with a bloke at work, did I mentioned he works in sales…


Routinely out of routine

Most days are closed out by looking longingly at trail pictures on Instagram and reading blogs by you the running obsessed. Then as I dream of one day completing Marathon de Sables or the Bob Graham Round I resolve to start tomorrow at 5am.

But alas between 11pm and 5am each night, something extraordinary happens. At the sounding of my first alarm, I rise only to turn off the subsequent  schedule of alarms and dream now only of more sleep before the working day.


Then when the day is done, the cycle starts again.

Today I fought the good fight, with pain filled eyes I roused myself at the ungodly hour of 4am – pain heightened by the fact it was a Saturday. Once upon a time I would get in bed at this time, not out of it! A hasty coffee followed by a short drive and I was into a 20k run. Some two hours later chatting with the Mackay Road Runners I had clearly made the right decision; with 20ks under my belt, an inspiring sunset beheld and the weekend only a couple of hours old. Nonetheless it had been a tough decision!

For now I’m going to push myself each Saturday morning,  back it up with the Mackay Road Runners’ Sunday events and hopefully I’ll come good and be able to tackle a marathon again this year of next.

That said if  there are any stronger willed folks that have managed to break the dreamweaver habit, please show me how!