Routinely out of routine

Most days are closed out by looking longingly at trail pictures on Instagram and reading blogs by you the running obsessed. Then as I dream of one day completing Marathon de Sables or the Bob Graham Round I resolve to start tomorrow at 5am.

But alas between 11pm and 5am each night, something extraordinary happens. At the sounding of my first alarm, I rise only to turn off the subsequent  schedule of alarms and dream now only of more sleep before the working day.


Then when the day is done, the cycle starts again.

Today I fought the good fight, with pain filled eyes I roused myself at the ungodly hour of 4am – pain heightened by the fact it was a Saturday. Once upon a time I would get in bed at this time, not out of it! A hasty coffee followed by a short drive and I was into a 20k run. Some two hours later chatting with the Mackay Road Runners I had clearly made the right decision; with 20ks under my belt, an inspiring sunset beheld and the weekend only a couple of hours old. Nonetheless it had been a tough decision!

For now I’m going to push myself each Saturday morning,  back it up with the Mackay Road Runners’ Sunday events and hopefully I’ll come good and be able to tackle a marathon again this year of next.

That said if  there are any stronger willed folks that have managed to break the dreamweaver habit, please show me how!



10 thoughts on “Routinely out of routine

  1. DoRunnersPooInTheWoods

    I love early morning runs. When the air is crisp and you now others are snuggled up in bed but your out pounding the pavements it feeds the soul!
    I do my long runs on a Friday morning before work. A pod of us ladies go out and set the world to right as we set ourselves new goals and go for them.
    Can’t wait to hear of your progress. keep fighting that alarm.

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      1. Indeed. The brain is the culprit. Also just telling the brain that all you plan to do is to put on your running clothes and step outside helps. Once you did that you can go back to bed! (You’ll never do it cause that would be ridiculous … but the brain is surprisingly stupid in the morning and won’t know)

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  2. From a mum who was breastfeeding eveey 3-3 hrs overnight for 12 months and still training. …. it is hard! But i had the BIG advantage of daytime sleeps. Sometimes adults think ‘its too early for me to bed’ and stay up an extra hour watching yv or on the net (or whatever ‘time waster’ we indulge in) what about earlier bedtime or a daytime on your days off?

    And as always quality sessions over quantity! More training does not = better results necessarily. Ever read about training smarter not harder? Tridot has some good podcasts about this….

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