Blame it on the boogie

Played the blame game a lot this weekend

Saturday was a horror showing, shuffled through 20km, got lost, hate my Asics runners, too hot, too humid.

Sunday was worse, a 10km social run on heavy legs, heavy Asics shoes, irrationally chasing people who are ahead of me because they are simply faster than I am, too hot, too humid.

But such is the joy of a long weekend that on Monday I could try it all again. Who and what would be to blame this time around?

I set off in my old Nike runners with a headful of trepidation and Billy Joel. And……it was exceptional – your next run is your best run! 

Felt like I was getting somewhere but comfortable. To quote the great Peter Kay – 

How fast could you run in your slippers? Bloody fast! They should give ’em to athletes, y’know, Nike slippers! 

So the lessons I have learnt this weekend but likely won’t heed:

  • Consider the conditions and adapt to them, heat and humidity are not friendly running  partners 
  • Run at your own pace, it’s good to push pace but don’t be surprised if it leads to exhaustion, pain and misery – also not friendly running partners
  • Don’t buy shoes to be durable, you’ll likely want to throw those heavy clunky bastards into the nearest river or bin, plus you’ll have to put at least another 600km into them before the missus will let you buy another pair.
  • Never ever blame yourself!

One thought on “Blame it on the boogie

  1. DoRunnersPooInTheWoods

    Fab post! Made me laugh. I have runs like that often and my first point of blame is always my daps as I have already seen a new pair 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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