Me, myself and I

I’m running or a least thinking about it, a lot! Tried and failed at golf, tried and failed and nearly died surfing, let’s not even mention boxing; and then found running – no one can be bad at running, you can be good yes, but never bad. Unlike golf and surfing and boxing, if you run – you are a runner. So fast or slow – enjoy it.


1983 – 2007

Birth, childhood, adolescence, hate cross country, drink, uni, drink, party, drink

After one too many pints, I claimed to my uncle that I was going to run the London Marathon

2007 – 2010

Travel, life, drink, Australia, Asia, Tanzania, find a girl, settle down


Uncle laughs when he asks me if I ever ran that marathon, challenge accepted!

2010 – 2011

Faithful addiction to Training Plan bordering on obsession, carb loading, wild poos, Melbourne Marathon – 3:44:51

2012 – 2014 

Marathons, halfers, trail runs – realise it hurts to run faster, so go further – 50km runs


UK, fell runs, fall in love, clag, bogs


How to train and raise a child – tell me how…, tropical QLD, Ascendancy Apparel Affiliate

Writing, running and more adventure!



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